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Harness the Wisdom & Magic of the Akashic Records

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Business Energetics for the Soul-Led Entrepreneur


Beautiful Soul
It's time to Shine

We are at an exciting time in our conscious evolution, aren't we?!

The old ways of doing business no longer work - that much you know.

It's time to get un-stuck remember who you are and reconnect more powerfully with why you started your business in the first place.

It's time to stop spreading your energy doing everything in your business and align to what you love doing so it becomes effortless, easy and so much fun.

It's time to get the results to take your business & life to the next level.

It's time to create more magic!

You know you are here to make a difference in the world but you also want freedom, fun and joy along the way

It's now time to show up in a completely new way in your business!

It starts with the Business Energetics and aligning to the abundance already within you.

Are you ready to play in the quantum field and see what is truly possible? 💫

When you're guided by the wisdom of your Akashic Record you Quantum Leap to remember your unique Soul Power and how to do things YOUR WAY.


Meet Natasha

Since setting up Mind Body Soul Energy in 2011 my business has taken many twists and turns.

At the beginning, I signed up for every marketing, sales and business course going... I tried it all.

I learned loads and my business was growing, but I didn't love what I was doing. To be honest I was floundering & exhausted.

I realised there had to be a way to do what I love AND make a success of it.

That's when the Akashic Records found me, and I realised it was all about aligning to the Business Energetics.

Since then I have take my business from strength to strength.

Now, I love my business and it's fun. I do less and still amazing souls from all over the world come to work with me.

Don't get me wrong, there are challenges along the way... but understanding your Soul Power allows you to navigate them with confidence and courage 🥂

The Magic Mastermind is where the powerful of soulful minds come together for exponential and expansive growth

Quantum leap through 2022 with Business Energetics 🌟

3 months with 1-2-1 Akashic Reading

In this Mastermind you will activate a stirring deep in your soul to remember who you are and why you're here to do the amazing work you're doing

This is where you will create magic in your life and business.

Powerful minds coming together in leadership create exponential and expansive growth.

We will delve deeply in the Business Energetics so you can fall in with the business that you've created.

We are all different and unique, and with an 1-2-1 Akashic Reading & Healing at the start of your journey in this Mastermind you will amplify your magic

You will connect more powerfully with what lights you up and why you started your business in the first place.

You will release all the energies and patterns that are still holding you back so you can step even further into your Soul Power & Light. 

It's time to truly understand how to build your business with Soul.

Growing your business with aligned sales & marketings brings soul aligned clients.

The New Paradigm is all about BUSINESS ENERGETICS

This is how you create the magic in your life and business

This is how you expand a business that is fun and creates the freedom you desire.

Together we are throwing away the rule book and creating our own rules




  • You've been in business for at least 2 years
  • You may have already worked with me
  • Your frustrated with doing everything
  • You are ready for more, by doing less
  • You desire to make a big impact in the world
  • You yearn to work with more people
  • You're ready to quantum leap and create magic
  • You're ready to master business energetics


  • Akashic Soul Gift and Past Life Reading (1-2-1 )
  • 3 X MasterMind Group Calls per month
  • Whatsapp/Voxer group
  • Recordings of all the group calls
  • 1 x 30 minute 1-2-1 check in with Natasha each month


  • Activate Money Abundance top 10 tips videos
  • Activate Your Money Flow (28 day e-course)
  • Access to all new Online courses
  • Discounts to join Group Programmes
  • Property clearing on your home

Your investment
Just £888 for 3 months



"Natasha is a fantastic coach and a wonderful spiritual teacher.

Her passion and energy for supporting others and the planet shine through and allow us to shine more brightly too"

INCLUDES: Akashic Past Life Reading

with Natasha

"My akashic reading & clearing with the fabulous Natasha was SO much more powerful than I'd expected. There was lots of egoic resistance, which I was having a hard time letting go of.

But, I'm already seeing very visible changes in my business as well as in my personal life! 

It's blooming transforming already in the first weeks of this course and I am loving it ❤️

Thank you Natasha 🙏"

"Working with the Akashic Records and my spirit guides has shown me an astonishing level of insight and understanding of who I am at soul level.

It's given me a practical way of kickstarting change in my life!

I have been gently take out of a dark hole, filled with anger and frustration at my situation and am now standing on a newly lit and well guided path"

It's been illuminating" 

These are incredible times on our planet...
Change is here, and you are a big part of it

Your investment
Just £888 for 3 months

*** INCLUDES! ***
1-2-1 Akashic Reading & Healing

Starts on acceptance of your application

"What I discovered through my Akashic Readings gave me goosebumps and I now have the tools and a compass to guide me moving forwards in both life and business.

I have so much more faith in my actions to get me closer to my goals and am able to
walk so much more easily through doubt and fear.

Thank you so much Natasha" 

Become a Vibrational Match to Abundance &
have a BIGGER impact in the world


You've got Q's
We've got A's

How much does it cost?

The investment to be part of this Mastermind is just £888 for the first 3 months

This is a pay in full price and there are currently no monthly payment options available.

As soon as your application is accepted and payment is received, you're in!

How is the MasterMind delivered?

Firstly we will book in our 1-2-1 Akashic Records Sessions.

You'll be given access to the Whatsapp/Voxer group.

There will be 3 x Mastermind Group calls scheduled every month.

Recordings of the group calls will be made available with access to these for the time you are a member of the mastermind.

You can renew your mastermind every 3 months.

What if I've got more questions before joining?

Just send me an email and I'd be delighted to answer any questions you have.

We can always jump on a 10 minute call.

Does it matter if I don't know much about the Akashic Records?

Not a problem. Most of my clients don't know much about them before working with me. But it does change their lives and their perspective on running a business with Soul.

My clients start to remember who they are and why they are here on this planet.

Akashic Activation Meditations are always fully guided.

Wherever you are on the journey you will expand and evolve in all areas.

What if I can't join the live support calls?

No problem, they are all recorded and you'll get them straight to your inbox.

How do I know it's for me?

Have you been running your business for some time now and have got most of the foundations in place?

Have you hit a plateaux in your business and can't quite make the jump to the next level?

Are you ready for more abundance in your business? Support more clients? Positively impact the world through your work? Then it's for you ♥️

** This is not for you if you haven't started your business yet, or are very new in your business **

What is the refund Policy?

Because this is a unique opportunity to work with me and a small group of powerful souls, no refunds will be available.

If you feel aligned to be part of this Mastermind then it will be for you.

Stepping up to our next version of ourselves can be a bit scary. Fear is a natural part of any decision to create change, so don't worry.

My world is full of love and you will always be held and supported to make the changes you desire.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you, but you'll experience greater shifts if you join for the live calls and catch up on the replays.

Everyone that joins creates connections and collaborations with the other participants in the group.

Life long relationships are forged.

How long can I stay in the mentoring group?

There is a minimum of 3 months and you can keep enrolling every 3 months. Yearly discounted plans will be available soon.

This is a rolling mastermind so you will meet new people as they join.

I'm offering 10 minute calls to answer your questions. Just get in touch and let's chat.
Together we'll come to the best decision and decide if this programme is the right fit for you or not. Just Email me :

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